Contracted Services

Full Service School Bus Transportation That Leaves You In Control

  • We can purchase your existing fleet and facilities for cash to deploy Student Transportation of America's well maintained fleet, or purchase new vehicles to meet your needs.
  • We can lease your existing fleet of school buses and purchase replacement buses to eliminate capital outlay.
  • We can keep buses at either your location or a local Student Transportation of America facility.
  • We will retain your local drivers and, if needed, recruit and train new personnel.
Partnering with a school bus transportation company is a trend that is expected to accelerate in the years ahead. As school districts face increased funding pressures and consider private/public partnerships, Student Transportation of America offers advantages without compromising safety, quality or reliability. Partnering with transportation experts benefits school districts by reducing their investment in capital-intensive vehicle purchases and maintenance, time consuming labor issues, and the need for more efficient maintenance and routing programs.

School boards across North America are putting more tax dollars in the classroom and leaving the driving to us. In many districts today, transportation comprises more than 10 percent of the total school budget. By partnering with Student Transportation of America, your school district can cut costs and still retain control. Our local operations have both the resources and experience to efficiently design and operate a variety of custom school transportation systems. Our team will ensure a smooth transition out of existing self-operated or contractor-operated systems that aren't meeting your expectations.