Technology & the Fleets of Today

The impact of technology is far reaching. It reverberates across all aspects of our business to enhance services, improve operations and lower costs. From the innovative safety and communications equipment on our buses to cutting-edge routing systems and sophisticated cloud IT services that keep our employees connected, Student Transportation of America remains ahead of the curve in technology and fleet innovation.

  • GPS Tracking Systems: Equipping vehicles with GPS not only provides managers and school administrators with the capability to locate a bus on its route at any time, but it also helps to improve routing and determine important factors such as speed, idling and fuel usage.
  • Front Stop Arms: This standard piece of safety equipment not only helps student cross in front of the bus at a safe distance, but it also serves as an alert to surrounding vehicles that they are required to stop, allowing for the safe passage of students loading and unloading the school bus.
  • Digital 3-Camera Surveillance Systems: An important safety tool that helps manage driver accountability as well as to assist in the safe management of student behavior.
  • Child Check-Mate Systems: It is the driver's responsibility to check for children who may be left on the bus at the end of their routes. This system is intended to be an aid to the driver by providing audible and visual alerts when the bus ignition is turned off at the end of any route or activity trip.
  • SafeStop: SafeStop is a school bus tracking app that provides parents with valuable information about the location of their child’s school bus, while SafeStop Analytics provides school districts and transportation staff with a unique platform to analyze KPI data that can help enhance the safety and efficiency of their fleet. Using GPS tracking, SafeStop combines security, safety, and communication into one easy-to-use school bus tracking app. Want to reduce parent phone calls and improve your fleet's performance?
Fleet Maintenance Policies & Procedures

The goal of STA’s professional Maintenance Team is to partner with every level of management and provide maximum vehicle safety and reliability. Our Maintenance Council is comprised of managers and other regional leadership with experience in the areas of preventive maintenance, repair, warranty reclamation, and manufacturer recommendations. The Council's objective is to provide our customers with the safest, most reliable, and cost-efficient fleet possible through the development, implementation, and monitoring of best practices related to fleet maintenance. The Council is committed to these tasks and to preserving the safety and health of our passengers, employees, and the communities in which we serve.

Mechanic Certification

The knowledge and training of our Maintenance Team is vital to the safety of our vehicles. Our mechanics receive regular in-service training to ensure they remain current with vehicle manufacturer standards and are encouraged to increase their proficiency by participating in STA's Advancement Through Commitment program, which sponsors mechanics interested in earning their ASE Master School Bus Technician Certification. Currently, more than half of STA's maintenance has achieved this esteemed level of knowledge, helping to make STA’s Maintenance Team among the safest in the industry.