Learn more about our COVID-19 safety plan, 'Working Together to Stay Safe', by visiting our Resource Center.

The safety and protective measures needed to slow the spread of COVID-19 have taken an unprecedented toll on the nation’s education system and the transportation services that support it.

Student Transportation of America, and our entire Family of Companies, is dedicated to the health and safety of our employees, passengers, and customers, while remaining committed to ensuring that we can safely continue critical business processes and operations.

We are actively monitoring and respectfully following the safety guidelines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as other federal, state, province and local governing bodies. Guidance from this approach has framed our policies, procedures, and protocols that we are now implementing to protect the health of our workforce and customers.

Circumstances surrounding COVID-19 continue to evolve and change. We are fully committed to adapt and implement changes in order to continue providing our communities with the level of first-class safety and service for which our company is known as well as maintaining a high confidence for all of our employees.

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