Commitment To Environment

DRIVING THE FUTURE: STA's Electric Vehicle Initiative

STA’s longstanding commitment to innovation and the environment has placed us at the forefront of the industry in the use of biofuel advancements and now alternate powertrain, or electric vehicle (EV), technology.

STA set the bar for school bus alternatives when, in 2012, we earned our largest bid with Omaha and Millard Public Schools in Omaha (NE), where we purchased more than 400 new, propane-powered vehicles, the largest all-propane school bus fleet in the industry.

The following year, STA received the Sustainability All-Star Award for our leadership in running low-emission vehicles. We continued to expand our “Green Fleet” initiative in markets across the country including New England and Pennsylvania, introducing the first all-propane fleet in St. Paul (MN), the youngest and largest LPG fleet in Grand Junction (CO), bringing propane buses to Oregon with contracts in Canby, Lake Oswego, and Tigard, adding alternative fuel vehicles to our operational density with Los Angeles Unified School District, and more.

In 2019, STA began making investments in our electric vehicle initiative and we continue to lead the industry with alternate powertrain and EV technology, most notably with our current EV pilot initiative in select rural, suburban, and urban markets.

Through funding provided by a variety of grants, incentive projects, and partnerships such as the Vermont Energy Invest Corporation, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP), and the Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Project (HVIP), STA aims to earn real world intelligence from our pilot experience with EV battery life, generalized vehicle wear and tear, and other critical KPIs.

We are doing our due diligence and making investments now to track EV technology, enabling STA to act and continue to serve as the industry leader we are known to be. We are working with vehicle and charging station manufacturers as well as utility companies and other suppliers of the infrastructure needed to support a fleet of electric vehicles in order to address total cost of fleet ownership. We will continue to pursue these initiatives so that electric vehicles can be widely adopted as the school transportation industry continues to move in that direction.

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