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Behind The Wheel

It is our goal to hire and train drivers and other transportation staff who are committed to the task. Today's school buses are more durable and more diligently maintained than ever before. School bus drivers receive special training in safety and security, undergo regular drug and alcohol testing, and receive regular driving record checks. School bus traffic laws designed to protect students are strictly enforced at all times.

Safety Behind the Wheel

Driver Training Program

Student Transportation Inc. is committed to the safety of the students we transport, and we believe that our drivers' knowledge is the groundwork for safe and dependable service. We continually provide our drivers with up-to-date training, ensuring they are the safest drivers on the road. Our safety and training programs meet and often exceed Federal and State regulations, and observe all rules and policies of the local district it is operating in. Each driver provided by Student Transportation Inc. is required to complete annual training using The Driver Training Course, which includes study guides and posters. 

Safety Behind the Wheel

Certification Requirements

Drivers are expected to keep all required certificates valid and up-to-date. To operate a school bus for Student Transportation Inc., drivers must have the following certifications on file:


Supplemental Training

Launched in 2011 with great success, ST University ("STU") is STI's Learning Management System, an interactive training supplement to our more traditional Behind-the-Wheel and Classroom training methods. With a web-based platform that can be accessed from any computer with Internet capability, employees can log in to the learning system with a unique user name and password to view training modules cover a variety of material including safety, behavioral, leadership, and interpersonal skills.

These training modules are created in part with Student Transportation Inc.'s company Councils, including Communications, Safety, Maintenance and Special Needs, to deliver an engaging and innovative approach to employee training. Modules currently available to employees across North America include Autism Spectrum Disorder Awareness, Behavior-Based Safety Training, Morale and Team Building, Seizure Disorder Awareness, Special Needs Bus Evacuation Plan, Bullying Workshops, Managing Student Behavior, and our Safety Leadership program.